Ruca the Boxer Mix


My name is Ruca, I am a 2 year old boxer mix. I am 3/4 boxer and 1/4 Doberman, the dobbie definitely stands out in my lean slender build but I have all of the traditional markings and fun energetic traits of a typical boxer. But don’t let that fool you, because I am NOT your typical dog. My mom and dad came and picked me out when I was only a few weeks old. They saw me online and knew I would change their life forever, they day they came to pick me out someone else was holding me, admiring how cute I was. My mom already saw my pic online and knew I was the one, as soon as the other family put me down my mom snatched me right up and said “We’ll take her”. I was too cute for them to resist. Mom and dad came and visited me at my dog mom’s house until I was big enough to go home with them. From the day I came home with them we have been pretty much inseparable. They try to take me every where they go. Mostly I enjoy going to the dog park, running every chance I get, barking at squirrels, playing with my sister Mystic and cuddling with my mom and dad. I am a lover not a fighter but stick up for myself when I need to and protect my mom and dad from all the strangers who walk by and of course the mail man. I also enjoying chewing on my moms shoes and expensive clothes, but have learned chewing on my toys doesn’t get me in trouble. I have a big heart and am pretty sure I am part human.

Follow me and my sister on our daily adventures, you can join in all of the fun we have.



  1. I, too, had already picked out my Heidi when she was just a teensy weensy baby, and when I went to visit her again as she got older, a guy was there who also wanted to get a puppy, and he was holding MY Heidi! I’m pretty my eyes looked to him like daggers. He put her down. 🙂 And soon, she and I would be going home together to spend our lives together. 🙂

    You’re too cute, Ruca! I love this!

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