“Just a Dog”

“It’s Just a Dog”


I hear this phrase all the time. Family, Friends, Coworkers. If someone says these four words to me, clearly we are not on the same level.

Ruca and Mystic are more than “just dogs”. They are my babies, fur babies, but still babies. They may have fur, four-legs, and excessive drool, but they are still family to me. It is really hard for me to wrap my head around people who have dogs and other pets… and that’s what they are “Just a Dog”.

I grew up with dogs but Ruca was the first dog of my own. I was in a weird transition period in my life. I always knew I would have dogs, I have loved them my whole life since I was a child. But to me it was a big decision, I wanted to make sure I could give it the life it deserved. I tossed the idea around on a daily basis, I asked family and friends. Most of them said “don’t do it”… or “it’s a lot of responsibility” or something along those lines. I think I had two people tell me it was a good idea. (And those two people are some of the most amazing people I know, so what does that say about dog lovers) Anyway… I would spend my evening on the computer and I would make a secret detour every night to look at dogs online. I showed my husband sometimes but this night was different. I came across this cute little boxer/doberman mix and I KNEW I had to have her. I talked my husband into going to look at her. When we got there someone else was holding her, but the minute they put her down she was mine forever. 🙂

I can honestly say the decision to bring Ruca into my life was one of the best decision I have ever made. I have this amazing bond with her that I never thought was possible to have with a dog. It’s like she was meant to be in my life. Like I said, I was in this weird transition period in my life. I had just made a big move, I missed my family and I was trying to really find myself. Having Ruca around changed everything, I all of a sudden had a purpose. I had something to worry about other than myself and my problems, I had to make sure this dog was going to have the best life possible. She occupied every second of my day that I wasn’t at work, and I loved it. She was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. She loved me and I was her everything. She loved to cuddle, she listened, she was smart. (I am still convinced I have the best dogs in the world) I do not really believe it was a coincidence that she is part of my life. I know a lot of people don’t believe in such things but it was just too perfect. When I saw her ad online I KNEW it had to happen. I believe she was put in my life, she saved me in a way. Anyway, she is still my best friend, we are pretty much inseparable.

And then there is Mystic. My little Devil. 🙂 After I had Ruca for about a year I knew I wanted to get another dog to keep her company, I didn’t think it was fair to leave her home alone all day by herself (She has major separation anxiety). So again my evenings consisted of looking at dogs online. When I came across Mystic (then “Noir”) across a local rescue website it was the same feeling all over again. I HAVE to have her. Lucky for me, my husband is easy to convince. We went the next day to look at her and I told them write away I would take her. So my expectations for a new dog were this: I know every dog is different, but I thought it would be this gentle, lovable, always wanting to cuddle, easy to train dog. A mini Ruca basically. Boy was I wrong and was I in for a treat. When we brought Mystic home I knew right away that she would be a ball of fire, and she is. She latched on to Ruca’s neck at 10 weeks old and wasn’t afraid to play rough. She always stood her ground and had a mind of her own from the get go. She was content being on her own, she liked to explore and didn’t have to be by my side 24/7, and she wasn’t a cuddler. Needless to say, she was the complete opposite of Ruca. At first I was kind of sad, I felt like she didn’t love me because she didn’t “need” me all the time like Ruca did. But again, Mystic was EXACTLY what I needed in my life at that point. It was meant to be. I am unsure if she is the way she is because she is “a rescue” but she has changed a lot in the last few months. She is finally starting to trust us. She cuddles a little more than she use to, for maybe 5 minutes if your lucky. But she has this HUGE personality and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is exactly where she is meant to be and is exactly what she is meant to be. I love her.

So normally when I talk to people like this about my dogs I get this weird confused look. “It’s just a dog” they say. Not everyone understands the special bond between a human and a dog. Even some people who have dogs don’t share that special bond with their canine friend. I feel bad for them because it is one of the best feelings in the entire world. I can assume most of the people that are readings this “get it”. They are dog people and know exactly what I mean. Yes I spoil my dog, Yes the sleep in my bed, yes they sit on the furniture, and yes I love them more than most people. What can I say? They aren’t “just a dog” they are my best friends.

So if someone decided to tell me my dogs are “just dogs”… they should probably think twice. 🙂

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling and emptiness we don’t even know we have.” -Thom Jones


My Shadow

My Shadow

My mom calls me her shadow. I go EVERYWHERE she goes. The only time I don’t get up to follow her around is if I’m being lazy laying in her bed, which usually I still make the effort to get up and see what she is doing and make sure she is ok. I am just trying to watch out for her and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble. You never know what humans will get into.

Here is a picture of me while mom is doing the dishes. Sitting on the rug right next to her, never know what could happen. “Are you done yet?, This is taking forever”. She made it through safe though, because I was there to protect her, of course.

In the morning I lay on the end of the bed and watch my mom while she gets ready. Then I follow her upstairs where she and I eat breakfast together. She lets me outside and I roam in the yard for awhile, making frequent trips back to the top deck to make sure she is still there. Soon mom leaves for work but when she gets home I great her with instant excitement and wiggly butt tail wags. For the rest of the night it’s pretty much whatever she wants to do, I sit with her on the couch while she is on her computer, I follow her up and down the stairs while she is doing laundry, and she comes with me for a walk (which I protect her from other humans and strange dogs that walk by). When supper comes around I sit on this same rug while mom cooks, but sometimes she makes me go lay on my bed, apparently she doesn’t enjoy me trying to get a bite to eat in-between watching out for her every move. Mom feeds me when they eat, but if they step foot out of the kitchen you can be sure I will be right behind.

When we go for walks, for some reason, Mom likes to use the leash, she worries about me I guess. Even though there is no reason, I walk just far enough ahead where I can explore but keep an eye on my mom and dad to make sure they stay out of trouble.

I have earned the nickname “My Shadow”, but I won’t complain. Every second I spend with my humans is pretty amazing and well worth it.



TGIF! We are so glad it is Friday! Mom and Dad took us for a walk when they got home from wherever they go all week long, they call it work, whatever that is. We enjoyed a beautiful Colorado day! 50 degrees today, can’t complain!

Mystic: I love going on walks! I get tired faster than my big sister but maybe someday I will be able to keep up with her. Mom and Dad are trying to teach me this “heel” thing. I haven’t quite figured it out. But that is not my main concern when I take my humans for a walk. I have a fascination with cars! At first they kind of scare me but when they drive by all I want to do is chase them. Mom and Dad are also trying to teach me not to do this, I have no idea why, it is so much fun! We went and walked in the canyon and found lots of new smells. I protect my humans and big sister and growl and anything that seems intimidating, such as the ball that was laying in the field. I can’t wait until our walk tomorrow, they are great!

Ruca: Walks are one of my FAVORITE things. Mom and dad cant even say the word with me around because I can’t contain my excitement. I have no idea how Mystic contains her excitement…. maybe she hasn’t quite figured out the word “WALK” yet. I also am still trying to obey the “heel” command. I know what I am suppose to do but can’t contain the excitement of being on a walk and tend to talk my humans for a walk instead. I don’t think Mystic will ever be able to keep up with me, she is the puppy, it is suppose to be hard to keep up with her but when we go for walks she is the one trying to keep up with me. Mystic decided to sleep when we got home for a walk. I took advantage of the puppy free time to cuddle with my humans, I love them. TGIF, you know what that means. I get to spend the next two FULL days with my humans!