The Dog Park

” The Dog Park”


I never knew these three little words would have such meaning. If these three words are spoken anywhere in the proximity of Ruca and Mystic, they instantly go crazy. Whining, running in circles, constant tail wags (For those of you who own dogs with docked tails, know they are the cutest “wiggle butts” ever),panting, and running to the door and back waiting to start our adventure to the dog park. When I do finally get their harness and collars on and we finally (which I assume feels like an eternity to them) get in the vehicle it, is an intense 10 minute drive. The whining starts out slow, looking out the windows, enjoying the drive. We get on the interstate, the whining gets louder, going back and fourth between the left and right rear windows, hoping to confirm “the dog park” is where we are going. We get off the interstate and make the right turn toward the park…..its on. They instantly know, the destination is confirmed. They can not (well maybe if I was more stern with them, but they are excited) contain their excitement. Loud whines and tail wags until I open the car door. Now when we make our way into the park I am positive half of the people there are thinking “control your dogs”….. they are just so excited. They pull me into the park, as if they think I wasn’t going to come.

Sitting at the gate, “Open the gate, Mom”… “Mom, aren’t you going to open the gate?!”… is what I am positive they are thinking. Finally, I open the gate. They both book it and run run run. Ruca runs in multiple circles, always looking back to make sure we are still there. Mystic isn’t even close to being worried where we are. She instantly runs to the first person she sees, then she has to go check out all the dogs and tell everyone how excited she is to see them. We start walking, of course Ruca is right next to me. Mystic is still out greeting everyone she can find, if she is feeling motivated she comes when I call her, otherwise I have to go pry her away from the people (who she has consumed with puppy kisses and likely muddy paw prints) and their four legged friends.

We begin our walk around the acres of dog park. Ruca is instantly on the search for a tennis ball. Back and fourth, back and fourth, until she finally finds one. Of course she sniffs one out. She drops it at my feet, eyes wide with anticipation. When I pick it up her eyes are locked on that ball until I throw it. I throw it, half the time she makes it to the ball before it gets one bounce in. Ruca is fast, she keeps up with the greyhounds at the dog park. That being said, Mystic starts off chasing Ruca and “Ruca’s Tennis ball”,  (yes it is hers and no one else, no other dog can have it or even look at it) Mystic is all about it for the first ten minutes but then realizes she isn’t quite as fast as Ruca. Mystic decides to stick close and continue being “the greater” to the people and dogs within proximity. This is what our walk around the dog park consists of every chance we get, this is where we go to spend our time.


I never thought going to the dog park could be the highlight of my day, I probably look forward to it just as much as the dogs. All day at work, thinking about getting off and picking up the dogs so we can go enjoy our time at the dog park. It’s like my little peaceful sanctuary. Again, another scenario only dog lovers will completely understand. It is pleasurable to watch them run and burn off their energy. They are overjoyed in excitement of just being there. When we return to the vehicle they just have this look on their face, their day has been completed. They ride out the back of my pickup with smiles on their faces the WHOLE way home.


Needless to say, “The Dog Park” has become the highlight of Ruca and Mystic’s day. And, secretly (until now), it has also become my little sanctuary. Who would of thought.