ND Adventure

Ruca: Mom always goes back to ND for the fourth of July to see the rest of her human pack. She takes us along because she says she doesn’t trust anyone watching us for that long. Im glad because I don’t think I could be without her for a day, I know Mystic wouldn’t probably be okay, but I’m not sure I would survive. I knew something was different because before we left Mom was packing her things and cleaning our den like a crazy lady, I mean she is always kinda crazy when is comes to cleaning and just in general, but she was crazier than usual. Then when it was time to get in the car I had to be sure it was where we were going. We passed the dog park….. yup, we were in store for a LONG ride.

Mom said I did really good in the car, before Mystic was added to our pack I would have to sit on moms lap in the passengers seat for part of the ride… I got lonely in the backseat. But this time Mystic was there to keep me company. We mostly slept and watched out the windows, on the search for cows and whatever else would come along. Which driving through Wyoming, SD and ND, there isn’t much to look at besides grass, and cows…. lots of cows. But once we finally arrived to our destination I knew where we were the minute we pulled off the busy road. I couldn’t contain my excitement, the smells and sights were so familiar, I knew we were at grandma’s and we were going to have lots of fun. I whined with excitement the whole way to her house, at 530 am. Plus that meant I got to spend more time with my mom and dad because they wouldn’t be at work all day. ¬†When we arrived I got out of the car and ran around with excitement!

We had a lot of fun in ND, and we met a lot of new people. I was timid at first, unlike Mystic, who smothers everyone in kisses the moment she see’s someone. It takes me awhile to warm up to people, I just want to make sure they are safe. But I learned they were decent and by the end of our time I didn’t want to leave them.

photo 200


Mystic: We had so much fun running around our grandma’s den, it is much much bigger than ours. Lots of room to run around and plenty of stairs to scale.

I only had one accident in the house, mom said I shouldn’t of had any, but it was a new place and I was just so excited to be there.



photo 300


Ruca: Mystic and I would wait outside the bathroom door for Mom, had to make sure she was safe.

Mom had part of her pack from Connecticut staying there too. We never met them before, so one morning a strange girl came out of her room while Dad was in the shower. We didn’t know if she was “safe” or if we needed to guard the door. So we barked and growled at her, she waited in the living room until Dad got out of the shower. When dad came out he yelled at us for scaring her half to death, but what does he expect, we were only doing our job and protecting him. By the end of the week the “strange lady” wasn’t so strange after all.


photo 400


Mystic: Grandma’s house has huge stairs that I loved to run up and down. I would sit and watch over everyone below.

We also played with the laser light alot, it is so fun. Must get the red dot.

photo 500


Ruca: The 4th of July was an interesting day. We had fun during the day playing in the river, Mystic did more swimming than me. I prefer not to get my shiny coat that dirty. I went in to cool off but that was about it. There were lots of people and dogs to play with. The random booming noises didn’t bother me during the day but at night it was too overwhelming so mom and dad had to put me inside until it was over. It was nice to get a break from Mystic anyway.

photo 700


Mystic: I LOVED the 4th of July. I spent half the day swimming in the river and cooling off, it was soo cold and felt sooo good on the hot day. Ruca didn’t want to play in the water though, she is a party pooper. Mom said I had to stay on a leash, unlike Ruca, Man she is spoiled. I know I have to work on listening better, I know the commands but when I want to go somewhere, I just want to go check it out. Mom gets worried I won’t come back though, we are working on it, but there is just soo many fun adventures it is hard to listen sometimes!

There were lots of people and dogs to play with. I had so much fun, not everyone enjoyed my kisses though. Mom says I have to work on not jumping on people to kiss them, but what fun is that? Everyone loves puppy kisses don’t they?

I thought the fireworks were soooo cool. They were loud, but I didn’t mind. I would jump and bark at them, but after awhile mom made me stop, she didn’t want me to get hurt. She is always spoiling my fun.

photo 800


Ruca: The car ride was long…. This bucket made a nice pillow for awhile though.

photo 900


Ruca: Soooooooo Long…….. I couldn’t sleep the whole time, so I watched for cows out the window, and the occassional one with antlers.

photo 901



Finally we made it home, late, but we made it. We jumped up into the bed right away. We were sooo tired. We had so much fun, but it is good to be back in our own den. We can’t wait to go back for another adventure.