1 year of Mystic-al fun


One year ago today this ball of fire became a part of my life and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

I remember looking online, knowing that someday I wanted another puppy, I just didn’t think it would be that soon. So I was browsing looking at all the adorable puppies who needed forever homes, admiring the beauty of each dog but not expecting to find another puppy to bring home. Then I came across Mystic pictures and fell in love instantly. I knew she had to be mine, she was so unique. So I beg my husband and he agrees we can go look at her the next morning, she was going to be at an adoption event downtown. So we go ahead with our plans for the evening, meet up with a few friends at the bar. I may have had one (maybe two ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) too many drinks that night. So the next morning we are laying in bed and my alarm goes off, I set my alarm to wake up to look at, then “Noir”, now Mystic. My alarm goes off and of course my head is pounding from prior night festivities. I ask my husband if he wants to go or if he wants to sleep and he tells me it is up to me. I think about it and decide I want to sleep. So I lay there for 5 minutes and of course I can’t sleep because all I can think about is this puppy. So I wake my husband back up and tell him I want to go look at her. So we sluggishly get out of bed, throw on some sun glasses, grab some water and head downtown. We get lost on the way, already running behind. I decide whatever is meant to be will be, I doubt she will still be there because we are already over an hour late, I am sure people were lining up to adopt her. So we finally arrive and find a parking spot and start walking. Of course the adoption event was on the opposite side from where we parked, so after what felt like a long walk we finally arrived at the adoption booth. I see a crate on the floor with some puppies and here is this little blue merle puppy playing away. I tell myself, “I’m sure someone is filling out paperwork to adopt her already.”. It seems as if there wereย 100 people there. I don’t even walk up to the puppies, I walk straight to the adoption counter and ask if “noir” had been adopted yet. surprisingly the answer was no. I am in shock and immediately tell them I want to adopt her. I didn’t even talk it over with my husband, I began filling the paperwork out. At this point my hand is shaking, partially from drinking slightly too much the night before and from being excited and hopeful everything would work out to bring “noir” to her new forever home. After what felt like forever, the adoption process was over and I was officially “Noir’s” new mom.


On our way to “Noir’s” new FOREVER home!

So we are driving in the car, thinking of names. Going through all the typical names and all the names we thought we would name our new dog but none of them seem to fit. So my husband is looking at her and says “she is so mystical looking, she is unique”.. And then it hit me! “Mystic!” It was perfect.

It has been a busy year and Mystic and I have learned a lot from each other. definitely not the dog I expected to have but just what I needed in my life. Mystic has come a long way. When we first got her she really didn’t want much to do with us, she didn’t like to cuddle and most of the time didn’t even care if she was in the same room as us. She was, and still is, very independent. For a good month I literally thought her tail was broken because she never wagged it and never really showed signs of being happy besides playing with my other dog, Ruca. She slowly started to trust us and realize she wasn’t going anywhere. Now her tail wags every time she sees us ๐Ÿ™‚

Every day is an adventure with Mystic. She has a huge personality. I look forward and cherish every day, she can always put a smile on my face.ย  As the rescues we got Mystic from says, “The best things in life are rescued!” Isn’t that the truth?