Our Summer Feats and Defeats


We had a busy summer. Time to get back on track and back into a routine. Our summer was nothing less than exciting and full of feats and unfortunately some defeats.


Mystic: Where to start…. I have been keeping my parents busy, as usual. My adoption birthday is coming up and I will be 2 soon. Mom thought I would lose some of my “puppy energy” by now but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. I just want to play, all the time, I mean what else is better than that! Ruca gets frustrated sometimes, she plays with me for awhile but she always wants to stop. Usually mom has to come and get me and tell me to lay down and stop bothering her, always ruining the fun.

I’ve made a couple trips to the vet this summer. I still love going there, everyone is so nice and give me plenty of treats! I always try to welcome everyone I see, people and animals of all sorts, but mom gets a work out trying to stop me. I just don’t understand why I can’t great everyone and kiss them. Once while she was trying to prevent me from greeting someone, she blamed me for spilling her coffee, she wasn’t too impressed with me. I guess she won’t be trying to multitask while trying to walk me on a leash anymore, lesson learned. So, I had lots of stuff done at the vet this summer. I was really good until they tried to take xrays on me, I didn’t appreciate all the vet techs trying to hold me down and prevent me from having fun and smelling all the new smells. But they eventually got a few xrays to see what was going on and making my back legs so sore. The doctor we saw determined I have degenerative joint disease in both my back hips and knees, they didn’t take pictures of the front, but it’s likely to affect all of my joints. So, the vet gave mom a few options. Surgery, physical therapy, or supplements and just do the best we can. Mom is currently giving me supplements 2x a day, which I enjoy, I get cheese and ham when she gives me my new pills. She is still trying to decided the best option for me. I don’t really understand what any of this means though… I still run and play just as much as I always have, but some days I get sore if I played too hard. But if I have a sore day mom gives me a special medicine and I feel much better, ready to run and play some more!!! Mom also bought me a new dog bed for my crate, to help so I don’t get so sore. It didn’t last very long though, it exploded in my kennel while mom was at work. She wasn’t too delighted when she came home. I couldn’t help it, I was bored and had so much fun with all the fun fluff inside. 🙂

Besides all the fun vet trips, we went on a road trip to Montana. We saw lots of wildlife on our way. Elk, buffalo and deer. Ruca and I made sure to bark at them all so they didn’t get too close to our car, every single one of them. After sitting in the car all day, I planned an escape plan and jumped out of the car when dad opened his car door. Unfortunately, Dad had quick reflexes and grabbed me before I ran too far. I wasn’t looking for cars, but I ran in front of one and mom said I almost gave her a heart attack. My humans were pretty careful after my escape attempt, none of my other escape plans worked after that. Again, they are always ruining all of my fun.

We didn’t get to do much hiking of go to the dog park because of my diagnoses. But I get to go on short walks and work my way up to longer ones. We are still working on “heel”… I just can resist all the people, dogs and bunnies on our walks. So, it is still a work in progress.


Ruca: Summer is my favorite time of year. We are always busy and the weather allows mom to take me on more walks and hikes. Although this summer we didn’t get to hike as much due to Mystics neediness. Regardless, I still was able to spend lots of time with my humans, so I don’t mind too much.

I spent a lot of time at the dreaded v word this summer too. I don’t understand why Mystic like’s going there so much. I dislike it, greatly. Unlike Mystic, I don’t get too close to anyone, ever. Sure, they gives you treats and act all nice, but then when you are devouring your treat and not looking is when they decide to trap you and poke at you. I’m not stupid, that’s for sure. So, I keep my guard up all the time. I hide under moms chair and growl at everyone who comes close. Mom says she gets embarrassed, I don’t understand why, I am just trying to protect her, and myself, from all of the untrusting people. Mom tricked me into letting them poke and prod at me, which I wasn’t too thrilled about, I thought mom was on my side. After that was finally done, the scary lady told mom I had an ear infection, which she already knew and wasn’t a big deal. But she told mom that when she was listening to my heart that I have a split heart rate and need to see a special doctor to figure out what is going on. I don’t really know why mom was so upset about this but they want me to see another special doctor. I am still trying to talk mom out of taking me to see another unnerving doctor.. But mom thinks we should go, so she is saving up money to take me. I guess they are worried I have an underlying heart condition, but won’t know anything else until we see a specialist. Mom also woke up in the middle of the night and I was having a tremor, mom said it scared her but didn’t phase me much. It went away after a couple minutes. The vet said we have to keep and eye on it and if it happens again more testing will need to be done. Either way, I go about my normal activities; cuddling with mom, playing with mystic, and chasing my beloved ball.

Even thought we didn’t hike much this summer, my humans still take me on walks with Mystic. They are still trying to get me to “heel”… I just want to look for rabbits and get distracted is all. Now that Mom isn’t going out of town as much she said we are going to get it together and work harder. I’m unsure if that is a good thing or not. I guess we will find out shortly.

We hope everyone has a good weekend and had a great summer, Fall is here!


Celebrating Mothers of all Kinds


Ruca & Mystic: Happy Mother’s Day to our mom and all the other moms out there!!

Mothers Day is a day to celebrate not just all of the moms out there who have delivered children into this world, but to celebrate all of the amazing women and the gifts they have given. Moms, grandmas, foster moms, fur children moms, grieving moms, women who wish they were moms, and all of the strong women in between. Just because some of these women have not delivered a child into this world, doesn’t mean they are not a “mom”. All of these amazing women have something to offer, advice to be given, experiences to learn from…. all of these women affect someone’s life in a positive way. Just because they don’t meet our societies definition of a “mom” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get any credit. It is guaranteed they have filed a “mom” role and are looked up to more than they know and take credit for.

So props to all the different types of moms out there and all the amazing women that make the world go round!!! 🙂

Training is Hard Work and Full of Surprises


Ruca: Here is a picture after our first day of “training”. We are working on “heel”… which it seems like we have been working on forever. But mom said she was getting frustrated because walks weren’t fun for her anymore, so she recruited some help from a professional (All Ears Dog and Puppy Training). I don’t know why mom didn’t think walks were fun anymore, I thought they were a blast!

Mom told the trainer I was going to be the smart dog and pass training with flying colors. Of course I am smart, but I am also stubborn, so she was in for a BIG surprise. I had a hard time calming down and listening to somebody other than my mom, and the rules were I had to calm down before we could go for a walk, which took longer than expected. After I finally calmed down we got to work on “heel”, normally I pull and like to sniff things, but that isn’t allowed in “heel”, what fun is that? I know what I am suppose to do but it is so hard, I just want to run and smell everything, enjoy our walk. I am doing pretty good now but still have to work on distractions. Mom says she has more work to do with me than she expected. Who would of thought?

Mystic: Ruca is right, mom was in for a big surprise our first day of training. I did amazing, mom wasn’t expecting that. I caught on quick. Dad says its because I am younger, but it is just because I am smart. I just didn’t want mom and dad to know how smart I was, then they expect more from me. This way, I can get away with more, I have them all figured out. See, Ruca doesn’t get away with much because mom and dad know she knows better. But me, I get away with more because they think I don’t know better. SURPRISE!  Mom usually takes Ruca on a walk first since we have to walk separate now for awhile. She says Ruca is more work so she needs all of her energy first, apparently I am more pleasant to walk. We are still practicing every day, mom says there are a few things I need to work on, we haven’t accomplished walking by a fence with other dogs without “heeling”. I just want to say hello to the other dog and make sure they aren’t going to hurt my mom, I don’t mean to pull so hard, sometimes I forget how strong I am.

We are walking everyday. I know I have some work to do but we will get there eventually. I have to make my mom work hard too, I don’t want to show her I know what “heel” means too soon, where is the fun in that?


First day after training and we didn’t move from this spot, we haven’t worked that hard in awhile!

Adventure to Grandma and Grandpa’s


RUCA: We recently got back from up north. Mom kept telling me we were going to grandma’s for Christmas and the day finally came!!! We hopped in the car at 3am, I knew it was too early for the dog park even though we were headed that way. I curled right up in the back seat and slept, later mom let me ride on her lap for a majority of the ride, she can’t say no! As soon as we took the turn off 10 hrs later I knew right away we were there, I made sure to whine extra loud so mom and dad knew too, in case they forgot.

I got lots of toys from mom’s family. Although, I didn’t get to enjoy them very long, Mystic decided to tear them up right away. She can’t enjoy anything.

Lots of strange faces came to visit. I made sure to bark and growl at every one of them until I was sure they weren’t going to hurt us. They all ended up being really nice, most of them won me over with table scraps. How did they know?

We are back home now, getting back into our routine. I miss everyone and not having to be in my crate as much during the day, but it feels good to be home. I have mom and dad all to myself and don’t have to share them with anyone anymore.


MYSTIC: We had lots of fun in Nodak, so they call it. The drive was long and boring. Ruca got the good spot in mom’s lap most of the way because she cries when she doesn’t get her way, eventually mom gave in. They wouldn’t even let me stand on the center console, said they couldn’t see while they were driving. Like they really need to see? Anyway… When we got there I ran around the house like crazy, trying to remember all the strange smells. We went and ran around in grandma’s backyard, it was much colder and had more white stuff than Colorado.

Lots of people came to visit me! Of course, I greeted them with kisses and by jumping on them. Mom wasn’t happy, still working on it. I almost knocked great grandma on the floor. Ruca was leary of everyone, I barked at them because she did, but then realized I didn’t have to bark at them because they meant no harm. It took Ruca a lot longer to figure that out. Our visitors brought me toys and I had so much fun ripping out their stuffing and squeakers, they didn’t live too long. Maybe even a new record.

I was able to play with another Catahoula mix, Pepper. She is still a puppy too so we had sooo much fun! I didn’t want to leave. Ruca must be “too good” to play or is getting old because she wanted nothing to do with either of us. She can’t handle puppy play with two puppies.

On our way back to Colorado we stopped to see dad’s grandpa. I was suppose to stay in the car but jumped over dad and got out of the pick up. Mom thought I was going to run away but I stuck around. I just didn’t come when they told me to. I know I should of but the smells were too intriguing and I wanted to go inside and give the old people kisses. Eventually, when I was ready, I decided to come back. Mom was frustrated, but it was worth it.

We are back in our den in Colorado now. Back to our usual routine. But I’m always trying to find ways to keep mom and dad busy, I think I am pretty good at it. 😈


MYSTIC: Proof Ruca had the best seat for the long ride.


We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!! 🎅🎄🎁

Ruca has a boo-boo


Ruca: Yesterday we made another trip to the dog park and had a lot of fun as always. No confrontations for me today. I mostly spent the time chasing the ball, and Mystic trying to catch me. In the process I some how tore my nail open and the quick is exposed. It doesn’t bother me, but mom was worried. It keeps breaking open and bleeding so mom wrapped my foot up in a bandage. It’s a good thing she didn’t go to school to be a vet like she once thought she was going to do, it took her a few tries to get the bandage “right”. As you can see, I am not thrilled I have to wear this thing on my foot. It was hard to get use to at first and I walked a little funny but now it’s alright. Hopefully I won’t have to wear it tomorrow. It does fine until I play with Mystic, then it breaks open and bleeds. Mom says she doesn’t want blood on her carpet, I don’t know what the big deal is. Hopefully it gets better so a vet trip isn’t needed, that is my least favorite place to be.

But I managed to find my favorite spot and get extra cuddles from mom. Maybe having a boo-boo isn’t sooo bad.


Tis the season for Santa Paws! 🎅🐾


Patiently waiting for Santa Paws to arrive.

Ruca: I don’t like the thought of this strange human entering or home when are sleeping. I suppose if he us bringing toys I may make an exception.

Mom says we are leaving for Christmas! I am excited to see grandma and grandpa and everyone else who spoils us. Oh, and all the food everyone feeds us of course. Oops, mom isn’t suppose to know about that, don’t tell her!

Mystic: I am fascinated by this tree, but it doesn’t smell like a tree, and there is all this weird stuff hanging from it. I am still trying to figure it out, I tend to sit and admire it often. In the process of trying to figure out, I took an ornament of the tree and chewed on it. Mom wasn’t thrilled. I guess ornaments aren’t toys, who would of thought?

Finally, an overdue trip to the park


Mystic: over the weekend mom and dad had time to take us to our favorite place, THE PARK!

Since I am infection free I am feeling much better. Mom says I have more energy, she said she didn’t think that was possible… Surprise! 😈 I run more at the park now and can keep up with Ruca a little better, I don’t think I will ever be able to run as fast as her. But I give her a run for her money anyway. Ruca got into a scuffle with another dog at the park, her typical self, so of course I stepped in to protect her. Mom and dad weren’t happy they had to pull us both off the poor Shepherd, but that’s what he gets for messing with my sister. I proceeded to run around and greet every person I saw with kisses… I still haven’t controlled my jumping like mom asks, it’s just so hard. Plus, I have to keep her on her toes and keep things interesting, that is my job, isn’t it?!?

Ruca: Yes we did FINALLY get to go to the park. Dad said he didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to listen to me whine the whole way but mom talked him into going. So, of course, I whined extra loud just to make them happy! But I was just so excited 😊 when dad opened the gate to the dog park there was a Shepherd waiting to get me, mom said he wasn’t going to get me, but I am not so sure. So I decided to let him know who was boss, me. Mystic of course decided to join in, but I didn’t need her help, she is always getting in my way. Mom and dad as usual made me stop. So of course, I went on the hunt for a tennis ball instead, which never takes long. We walked around the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather the rest of the day!

Until next time dog park! Hopefully sooner than later.