National Puppy Day


Happy National Puppy Day!!!! We are both still working hard on our training! We have been busy!!!!


Ruca Turns Three


This pretty girl turned three last week! Time flies when your having fun! It seems like yesterday I was picking her out of the litter. I never knew a dog could give you strength, courage, hope, determination and most importantly a friendship, until this silly boxer came into my life. It sounds crazy, but this dog has taught me so many things about life and I continue to learn and grow everyday.  I was unaware a dog could teach someone such amazing things. I mean, how can you have a bad day with that smile staring back at you? I am glad I was blessed with this more then special pup and hope it’s a long ride with her by my side.

Ruca: It was my birthday last week. I am not sure exactly what that means. But I do know I got extra spoiled! Mom brought me a pawbender (doggy icecream) after work. I enjoyed it so much that I ate it  too fast, half of it didn’t stay in my tummy. Mystic got one too, I don’t mind sharing on my special day, but something tells me she thought it was her special day, she is always trying to steal the spotlight. Although, she must of known, because it was the first time she didn’t try to eat my treat, my birthday icecream.  Mom made sure to give me lots of extra hugs and kisses (I didn’t think that was possible, but I learned it was).  Mom says it is hard to spoil me, she says I am spoiled enough the way it is. I mean, she could let me drink out of the toilet from time to time, so I really am not that spoiled.

We spent the weekend at the dog park. It was beautiful outside, Mom was all excited because it was 70 degrees in February. Not sure why she was so excited, it is all the same to me. As long as I get to run after my ball I am in bone heaven. I would like to say I behaved myself, for the most part. Of course, I had to let a few dogs know who is boss and remind them not to get too close to my mom.


I spent the rest of the weekend cuddling mom and dad and soaking up the sunshine on the porch!


Mystic: This is mom giving us special ice cream for Ruca’s Birthday. I was unsure if I liked it at first, I ate the bones and left the ice cream, it was so cold. Of course, I couldn’t let the deliciousness go to waste, so I eventually finished the rest of my treat! I thought about eating Ruca’s but my nose was so cold, I figured I would let her have her treat to herself, but just that one time.

I had to go back to the vet last week. I have a rash on my belly mom and dad are trying to get better. It is slowly getting better, mom said if it doesn’t go away by this weekend they are going to give me some special medicine. “Special Medicine” is never a good sign, but I learned how to cheat. Mom usually wraps it in cheese or ham, like I won’t notice it or something? I spit it out several times, that way I get more cheese or ham. I’m not that unware, even though I can play the part well.  Hopefully it goes away soon though, it is itchy and even though the vet gives me lots of treats and plenty of “ah your so adorable” I don’t really want to go back any time soon.

Before we went to the park this weekend mom and dad stopped to get something to eat, for themselves. Since I figured they weren’t bringing us anything, I decided to rip apart all of mom’s important papers in the vehicle while I waited. I tore apart a Ziploc bag and ate a few dollar bills. Now mom says she has to watch me go to the bathroom to make sure I am alright, I am sure I will be fine, I have eaten worse things. But I was right, they didn’t bring us a hamburger, or even a single fry. So I am certain the fun I had was well worth it. Ruca did not join in the fun, she just sat and stared out the window the whole time waiting for mom and dad to come back. She is such a party pooper, always has to be the good one.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ruca. I am glad I have such a smart older sister! I need someone to look up to and try to keep me out of trouble from time to time. ❤

Adventure to Grandma and Grandpa’s


RUCA: We recently got back from up north. Mom kept telling me we were going to grandma’s for Christmas and the day finally came!!! We hopped in the car at 3am, I knew it was too early for the dog park even though we were headed that way. I curled right up in the back seat and slept, later mom let me ride on her lap for a majority of the ride, she can’t say no! As soon as we took the turn off 10 hrs later I knew right away we were there, I made sure to whine extra loud so mom and dad knew too, in case they forgot.

I got lots of toys from mom’s family. Although, I didn’t get to enjoy them very long, Mystic decided to tear them up right away. She can’t enjoy anything.

Lots of strange faces came to visit. I made sure to bark and growl at every one of them until I was sure they weren’t going to hurt us. They all ended up being really nice, most of them won me over with table scraps. How did they know?

We are back home now, getting back into our routine. I miss everyone and not having to be in my crate as much during the day, but it feels good to be home. I have mom and dad all to myself and don’t have to share them with anyone anymore.


MYSTIC: We had lots of fun in Nodak, so they call it. The drive was long and boring. Ruca got the good spot in mom’s lap most of the way because she cries when she doesn’t get her way, eventually mom gave in. They wouldn’t even let me stand on the center console, said they couldn’t see while they were driving. Like they really need to see? Anyway… When we got there I ran around the house like crazy, trying to remember all the strange smells. We went and ran around in grandma’s backyard, it was much colder and had more white stuff than Colorado.

Lots of people came to visit me! Of course, I greeted them with kisses and by jumping on them. Mom wasn’t happy, still working on it. I almost knocked great grandma on the floor. Ruca was leary of everyone, I barked at them because she did, but then realized I didn’t have to bark at them because they meant no harm. It took Ruca a lot longer to figure that out. Our visitors brought me toys and I had so much fun ripping out their stuffing and squeakers, they didn’t live too long. Maybe even a new record.

I was able to play with another Catahoula mix, Pepper. She is still a puppy too so we had sooo much fun! I didn’t want to leave. Ruca must be “too good” to play or is getting old because she wanted nothing to do with either of us. She can’t handle puppy play with two puppies.

On our way back to Colorado we stopped to see dad’s grandpa. I was suppose to stay in the car but jumped over dad and got out of the pick up. Mom thought I was going to run away but I stuck around. I just didn’t come when they told me to. I know I should of but the smells were too intriguing and I wanted to go inside and give the old people kisses. Eventually, when I was ready, I decided to come back. Mom was frustrated, but it was worth it.

We are back in our den in Colorado now. Back to our usual routine. But I’m always trying to find ways to keep mom and dad busy, I think I am pretty good at it. 😈


MYSTIC: Proof Ruca had the best seat for the long ride.


We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!! 🎅🎄🎁

Tis the season for Santa Paws! 🎅🐾


Patiently waiting for Santa Paws to arrive.

Ruca: I don’t like the thought of this strange human entering or home when are sleeping. I suppose if he us bringing toys I may make an exception.

Mom says we are leaving for Christmas! I am excited to see grandma and grandpa and everyone else who spoils us. Oh, and all the food everyone feeds us of course. Oops, mom isn’t suppose to know about that, don’t tell her!

Mystic: I am fascinated by this tree, but it doesn’t smell like a tree, and there is all this weird stuff hanging from it. I am still trying to figure it out, I tend to sit and admire it often. In the process of trying to figure out, I took an ornament of the tree and chewed on it. Mom wasn’t thrilled. I guess ornaments aren’t toys, who would of thought?

Finally, an overdue trip to the park


Mystic: over the weekend mom and dad had time to take us to our favorite place, THE PARK!

Since I am infection free I am feeling much better. Mom says I have more energy, she said she didn’t think that was possible… Surprise! 😈 I run more at the park now and can keep up with Ruca a little better, I don’t think I will ever be able to run as fast as her. But I give her a run for her money anyway. Ruca got into a scuffle with another dog at the park, her typical self, so of course I stepped in to protect her. Mom and dad weren’t happy they had to pull us both off the poor Shepherd, but that’s what he gets for messing with my sister. I proceeded to run around and greet every person I saw with kisses… I still haven’t controlled my jumping like mom asks, it’s just so hard. Plus, I have to keep her on her toes and keep things interesting, that is my job, isn’t it?!?

Ruca: Yes we did FINALLY get to go to the park. Dad said he didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to listen to me whine the whole way but mom talked him into going. So, of course, I whined extra loud just to make them happy! But I was just so excited 😊 when dad opened the gate to the dog park there was a Shepherd waiting to get me, mom said he wasn’t going to get me, but I am not so sure. So I decided to let him know who was boss, me. Mystic of course decided to join in, but I didn’t need her help, she is always getting in my way. Mom and dad as usual made me stop. So of course, I went on the hunt for a tennis ball instead, which never takes long. We walked around the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather the rest of the day!

Until next time dog park! Hopefully sooner than later.

The fight to stop BSL


Ruca and Mystic had a great time watching mom and dad carve pumpkins. And of course they loved posing for pictures, or at least I tell myself that.  🙂

So, I am unsure if this is going to be a rant post but I have to post on this topic. A topic a lot of you are probably familiar with. BSL, aka Breed Specific Legislation. Defined as, a law that bans or restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance, usually because they are perceived as “dangerous” breeds.

So as you all are aware the mid term election was yesterday (and is over, thank god). Here in Colorado, the city of Aurora was able to vote to end BSL. Colorado had passed a law discouraging BSL but each county gets to decide for themselves weather to enforce it or not. A handful of counties still enforce BSL, one of which is Aurora. I also live in a town where BSL is enforced, which I STRONGLY disagree with.  This midterm election Aurora was able to vote to end BSL. It failed miserably.

I was really excited for the town of Aurora to vote on this topic and expected a close outcome, and obviously hopefully a win putting a stop to BSL. But is wasn’t even close. 67% to 33% to be exact. That is huge. I don’t think it was what anyone expect, and obviously not want anyone who wants to end BSL hoped for.

So let me take you back. I go to the dog park frequently, and as I said I live in Douglas county where BSL is enforced. I am going about my business with my boxer and a lady comes up to me and says, “You know you can’t have that dog here, pitbulls are illegal.” So at this moment I have about a million thoughts going through my mind, predominately anger. The only thing I could say at the time was, “She isn’t a pit, she is a boxer.” and walked away with a head full of rage. Of course, looking back, I wish I would of took the time to educated this lady but I was so mad I had to try and contain myself from blowing up emotionally with a few choice words. Ruca, my boxer, is a pretty standard looking boxer. This event just goes to prove how uneducated people are and how quick they are to judge. People like this are exactly why BSL exists.

People need to be educated, bottom line. People also need to use some common sense and realize that their lab isn’t the only amazing dog breed that exists. Any dog can be aggressive. Many breeds get a bad name because of what people do to them or make them do. But banning a breed based on looks is absolutely wrong. Dog attacks happen all the time, most of which aren’t pitbulls. Of course, if a pitbull attack happens you bet it will make the news. If a golden or a yorkie attacks someone, it is an unlikely news story. Certain breeds do have a tendency to be more aggressive. Just like certain breeds have a tendency to run or bark more than other breeds. Being a responsible dog owner comes with owning any dog, it is a commitment you accept when you bring your dog home. Being a responsible dog owner is being aware of those tendencies of the breed you bring home.  Being a responsible dog owner means preventing aggression in your dog to the best of your ability, and knowing your dog. Not putting them in a situation that will make them uncomfortable. Owners should be help responsible for their dogs, no matter what the breed. “Pitbulls” are amazing dogs, just like any other dog.

I was pretty bummed when I heard 2D didn’t pass in Aurora. I actually was kind of angry with the people. I feel like a lot of people don’t vote because they feel their vote doesn’t matter. If everyone who thought that, voted, we could make a difference. I also blame people not reading into the measure and just voting before they get the facts. I would be curious how many people even knew what 2D consisted of before they went to vote and made an uneducated decision. We need to educate  people. This should be an ongoing process, not just something we do 6months prior to election. If people understood this breed they would be less terrified. I can understand people being scared for whatever their reason, this is why we have to educate. Education on a large scale will go a long way!

The battle to end BSL continues! It is a long, sometimes discouraging battle. It is frustrating dealing with people who are set in their ways. You can’t change everyone’s mind, but you can change a lot of people’s mind and it WILL make a difference.

“Pitbulls” are amazing dogs. Let’s keeping working to end BSL. Make sure you are educated before you vote!