National Puppy Day


Happy National Puppy Day!!!! We are both still working hard on our training! We have been busy!!!!


Training is Hard Work and Full of Surprises


Ruca: Here is a picture after our first day of “training”. We are working on “heel”… which it seems like we have been working on forever. But mom said she was getting frustrated because walks weren’t fun for her anymore, so she recruited some help from a professional (All Ears Dog and Puppy Training). I don’t know why mom didn’t think walks were fun anymore, I thought they were a blast!

Mom told the trainer I was going to be the smart dog and pass training with flying colors. Of course I am smart, but I am also stubborn, so she was in for a BIG surprise. I had a hard time calming down and listening to somebody other than my mom, and the rules were I had to calm down before we could go for a walk, which took longer than expected. After I finally calmed down we got to work on “heel”, normally I pull and like to sniff things, but that isn’t allowed in “heel”, what fun is that? I know what I am suppose to do but it is so hard, I just want to run and smell everything, enjoy our walk. I am doing pretty good now but still have to work on distractions. Mom says she has more work to do with me than she expected. Who would of thought?

Mystic: Ruca is right, mom was in for a big surprise our first day of training. I did amazing, mom wasn’t expecting that. I caught on quick. Dad says its because I am younger, but it is just because I am smart. I just didn’t want mom and dad to know how smart I was, then they expect more from me. This way, I can get away with more, I have them all figured out. See, Ruca doesn’t get away with much because mom and dad know she knows better. But me, I get away with more because they think I don’t know better. SURPRISE!  Mom usually takes Ruca on a walk first since we have to walk separate now for awhile. She says Ruca is more work so she needs all of her energy first, apparently I am more pleasant to walk. We are still practicing every day, mom says there are a few things I need to work on, we haven’t accomplished walking by a fence with other dogs without “heeling”. I just want to say hello to the other dog and make sure they aren’t going to hurt my mom, I don’t mean to pull so hard, sometimes I forget how strong I am.

We are walking everyday. I know I have some work to do but we will get there eventually. I have to make my mom work hard too, I don’t want to show her I know what “heel” means too soon, where is the fun in that?


First day after training and we didn’t move from this spot, we haven’t worked that hard in awhile!