Celebrating Mothers of all Kinds


Ruca & Mystic: Happy Mother’s Day to our mom and all the other moms out there!!

Mothers Day is a day to celebrate not just all of the moms out there who have delivered children into this world, but to celebrate all of the amazing women and the gifts they have given. Moms, grandmas, foster moms, fur children moms, grieving moms, women who wish they were moms, and all of the strong women in between. Just because some of these women have not delivered a child into this world, doesn’t mean they are not a “mom”. All of these amazing women have something to offer, advice to be given, experiences to learn from…. all of these women affect someone’s life in a positive way. Just because they don’t meet our societies definition of a “mom” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get any credit. It is guaranteed they have filed a “mom” role and are looked up to more than they know and take credit for.

So props to all the different types of moms out there and all the amazing women that make the world go round!!! 🙂