Finally Summer Weather and Dog Park Shenanigans


It is finally starting to feel like summer.

Ruca: Over the weekend I heard the words I haven’t heard in a long time, “Dog Park”. The second I knew where we were going I couldn’t contain my excitement. Unfortunately for mom, my excitement lasted the whole trip there. We are still “training” so on the ride to the park mom decided half way there to put on my correction collar. The second she put that on I knew I better be good, mom said the rest of the ride was “a little bit” more peaceful.

Anyway, once we got there I had so much fun! This park is special, there are a few areas of water for us to play in! It was a warm day, so it was much needed. I was hesitant to get in the water at first, but then didn’t want to get out after I realized how good it felt! Mystic did a lot more swimming than me, I stuck close to mom and if I did go out it wasn’t for long. If I was having fun swimming, how am I able to make sure mom is safe? Speaking of mom, she doesn’t bring a ball to the park anymore, she gets made because I don’t want to share and then scare all the other dogs away. Even though she didn’t bring a ball for me, I sniffed one out, goes to show her. I made sure to be good though, I wasn’t “assertive” to any dogs, plus mom and dad do a pretty good job of making me feel safe and keeping me out of situations I don’t like.

I am enjoying the beautiful weather (clearly) and hopefully another trip to the dog park is in the near future.


Ruca: When I couldn’t reach my ball Mystic would swim out and get it for me, who would of thought she had a nice side. 🙂


Mystic: Like Ruca said, we had so much fun at the park! I LOVE love LOVE the water. Mom and dad set up a pool for me in the back yard sometimes, but that is nothing compared to the park. I got to chase other dogs in the water, splash on the beach, play in the mud and swim after Ruca’s ball. She is too scared to swim all the way out, typical Ruca, so I swam out and got it when she couldn’t reach it. Because I am not scared of anything, besides the vacuum and plastic bags, but those are obviously one of the most frightening things around, isn’t everyone scared of the vacuum and plastic bags?

I must of ran too hard and enjoyed myself too much because after we got home I woke up from a long nap and my leg was sore so I was limping. Mom was worried about me and said she didn’t get a very good night sleep. It is slowly getting better and I am limping a lot less so mom is going to keep watching it and if it doesn’t get better a trip to the vet it is. So fingers and paws crossed that is continues to get better. Mom says we need to take it easy for a few days, but I think she forgets I am still a “puppy” and have lots of energy. Despite my leg being sore I still make sure to chase all of the squirrels out of the yard and attempt to run around and play with Ruca. Just cause my leg is a little sore doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun, right?

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer!