Too Much Fun for Mystic, as Usual


Mystic: It’s been awhile. As I mentioned last time, my leg was bothering me after we came home from the dog park last time. Mom made me “take it easy” which I, of course, had a hard time listening. C’mon I’m only 2 and need to run around. It slowly got better and after about, forever (a week) we finally went on another walk. Well, I woke up the next morning sore, again, and was limping around. It really didn’t bother me that much, I was still running around and eating like my usual self but mom decided to take me to the vet to be on the safe side. So off to the vet we went….

So a few days ago we went to the vet…. I get excited about going. And I don’t get alone time with mom very often, even if it’s just the vet, I still enjoy it. So we get there and do the usual routine, check in, step on the black square (little did I know that black square and I would have future issues) get treats, have people tell me I’m cute, the usual. So we sit, and wait, and wait, and wait. I don’t mind the waiting as much as mom, I get to look at all the other puppies as they come and go. Mom says I get too excited but I am just trying to be friendly and greet everyone. Mom says her hand gets sore from holding my leash so tight, I don’t understand why she can’t just let go so I can play! Not everyone thinks I am nice though, I am just vocal and some people think I sound mean and they worry about their dogs and that I might hurt them. So finally, to moms relief, we get called back.

I know the drill by now. Poking and more poking. Then the vet comes in, more poking. He laid me on the table, which scared me, but mom talked to me and calmed me down. After what seemed like forever the Dr decided…..

The Dr decided to start out with; we will hold off on Xrays (unsure what that is but I don’t want to find out) but I can only do very limited activity for two weeks, take medicine to help with inflammation and I have to go on a diet. No biggie right? Wrong, very wrong.

I didn’t really understand any of that meant but found out very quickly. Mom has her work cut out trying to limit my activity. I mean I love to run around the house, up and down the stairs, run in the yard with Ruca, and now I’m not suppose to do any of it. I am also on a “weight management food” and am on a much stricter diet which I also quickly realized I dislike. But mom assures me it is for the best, I think she’s crazy. Dad tries to feed me scraps here and there but if mom sees; she puts a stop to it. I think it’s going to be a long road, mom agrees.

So please cross your fingers and paws my leg starts to feel better soon.


Ruca Turns Three


This pretty girl turned three last week! Time flies when your having fun! It seems like yesterday I was picking her out of the litter. I never knew a dog could give you strength, courage, hope, determination and most importantly a friendship, until this silly boxer came into my life. It sounds crazy, but this dog has taught me so many things about life and I continue to learn and grow everyday.  I was unaware a dog could teach someone such amazing things. I mean, how can you have a bad day with that smile staring back at you? I am glad I was blessed with this more then special pup and hope it’s a long ride with her by my side.

Ruca: It was my birthday last week. I am not sure exactly what that means. But I do know I got extra spoiled! Mom brought me a pawbender (doggy icecream) after work. I enjoyed it so much that I ate it  too fast, half of it didn’t stay in my tummy. Mystic got one too, I don’t mind sharing on my special day, but something tells me she thought it was her special day, she is always trying to steal the spotlight. Although, she must of known, because it was the first time she didn’t try to eat my treat, my birthday icecream.  Mom made sure to give me lots of extra hugs and kisses (I didn’t think that was possible, but I learned it was).  Mom says it is hard to spoil me, she says I am spoiled enough the way it is. I mean, she could let me drink out of the toilet from time to time, so I really am not that spoiled.

We spent the weekend at the dog park. It was beautiful outside, Mom was all excited because it was 70 degrees in February. Not sure why she was so excited, it is all the same to me. As long as I get to run after my ball I am in bone heaven. I would like to say I behaved myself, for the most part. Of course, I had to let a few dogs know who is boss and remind them not to get too close to my mom.


I spent the rest of the weekend cuddling mom and dad and soaking up the sunshine on the porch!


Mystic: This is mom giving us special ice cream for Ruca’s Birthday. I was unsure if I liked it at first, I ate the bones and left the ice cream, it was so cold. Of course, I couldn’t let the deliciousness go to waste, so I eventually finished the rest of my treat! I thought about eating Ruca’s but my nose was so cold, I figured I would let her have her treat to herself, but just that one time.

I had to go back to the vet last week. I have a rash on my belly mom and dad are trying to get better. It is slowly getting better, mom said if it doesn’t go away by this weekend they are going to give me some special medicine. “Special Medicine” is never a good sign, but I learned how to cheat. Mom usually wraps it in cheese or ham, like I won’t notice it or something? I spit it out several times, that way I get more cheese or ham. I’m not that unware, even though I can play the part well.  Hopefully it goes away soon though, it is itchy and even though the vet gives me lots of treats and plenty of “ah your so adorable” I don’t really want to go back any time soon.

Before we went to the park this weekend mom and dad stopped to get something to eat, for themselves. Since I figured they weren’t bringing us anything, I decided to rip apart all of mom’s important papers in the vehicle while I waited. I tore apart a Ziploc bag and ate a few dollar bills. Now mom says she has to watch me go to the bathroom to make sure I am alright, I am sure I will be fine, I have eaten worse things. But I was right, they didn’t bring us a hamburger, or even a single fry. So I am certain the fun I had was well worth it. Ruca did not join in the fun, she just sat and stared out the window the whole time waiting for mom and dad to come back. She is such a party pooper, always has to be the good one.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ruca. I am glad I have such a smart older sister! I need someone to look up to and try to keep me out of trouble from time to time. ❤

More Than Just a Ball

RUCA: I think my mom may have previously mentioned that my ball is my favorite toy. Sometimes I even accidently fall asleep with it in my mouth, making sure noone takes it, doing my duty to protect it.


The park is my favorite place to chase the ball. The first thing I do when mom opens the gate is scavenge the premises for the perfect ball. Can’t be too new, or too fuzzy, the more dirt the better. After I finally find the perfect ball I don’t let it out of my site. It is now mine to protect for the rest of our park adventure. I try to bring them home but mom says I have my own and I need to share and leave it for the other dogs to play with. I keep trying, maybe one day she will change her mind and let me bring it home to add to my collection.

I play with my ball at home too. Every night mom spends time throwing my ball, mostly because I drop it in front of her and give her “the look” until she stops pretending like I’m not there. I wait patiently until she finally throws it.


The problem is…. Mystic wants everything that is mine. Everyday she tests my patience to my limits. If she thinks she is going to be the alpha dog, she has another thing coming. I mean besides mom, I’m obviously the alpha dog. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


This goes on every night and Mystic finally decides to give up. Thinking maybe tomorrow will be her day to win the battle of the ball, but tomorrow looks doubtful too. Sorry Mystic, but you have determination, I’ll give you that.

Mystic, a Tiny Piece of Storm


Let me take you back a little ways.

This big fluffy guy is Storm. He was a purebred Samoyed, a puppy at heart until the day he left us. To this day, the most beautiful Samoyed I have ever came across, but my opinion might be bias.  I have so many memories of him and when I think of my childhood, memories of this big guy are abundant.

Storm had a very independent personality. The day we went to pick him out as an 8week old puppy he was chasing the chickens on the farm. There was a shy puppy hiding in the corner, but something stood out about this ball of fire that me and my family must have thought we needed in our lives. I remember my dad picking him up and me, being the animal lover I was and am, wanted him all to myself. I ran my fingers over his fuzzy puppy head, smelled his puppy breath and all he wanted to do was bite my finger and play. His personality that day was overpowering and very prominent, and that remained true for the rest of his natural life.  Like I said, he was a ball of fire, little did we know just what a ball of fire this little puppy would be.

Good thing crystal balls that tell the future don’t exist, because if we would have seen the future adventures this little puppy would bring my family and me, I doubt my parents would of taken him home that day. So what better name for a crazy little puppy than Storm. North Dakota Snow Storm. Anyone who has been to ND knows that the snow storms there are anything but mellow and calm. The name was fitting. Not to mention the color of his coat, laying in the snow he was camouflage.

The adventures Storm took us on were never ending. He chewed on everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. He would eat anything and everything. One of his favorites were socks, preferably whole. The second he spotted one he swallowed it in a matter of seconds, not even a chance for recovering it. But my Grandma’s favorite hankie was likely his favorite delicacy. Kleenex’s were also a hot menu item. He also decided to run down the block and torture/eat my best friends pet rabbit, not one of his shinning moments. He also managed to grab a few porkchops off the grill when my dad wasn’t looking from time to time. Storm enjoyed digging wholes when he was a puppy. It didn’t take long before he learned how to get out of the yard and explore. Running away became his new favorite thing, for the rest of his life. When I look back it seems we looked for him on a weekly basis. I remember my dad tried everything to keep him in the yard, but he always managed to find a way out. Looking back, we are lucky we always found him and nothing ever happened to him.

Storm grew into a large beautiful dog, even when he was older the fun and adventures never ended. My brother and I would tie him up to a sled and he would pull us around the yard. He still ate everything in sight and ran away when he got the chance. He only listened when he wanted to, when he was ready, even though he knew what you were asking him to do. He was very vocal and barked frequently, especially if you had food and weren’t sharing. He definitely wasn’t a cuddler and would destroy and toy in a matter of seconds.

Anyway, I could go on and on with all of my memories of Storm. But you get the idea, he was very smart, but stubborn, hard headed, beautiful, energetic, a garbage disposal, a runner, and a puppy at heart. But one of my favorite things was his Smile. Those are the main things that come to mind when I think of him.

photo 100

Now, here is Mystic. All of these words I use to describe Storm, I would also use to describe Mystic, spot on. Not to mention, that smile of these two dogs is unforgettable! I see a part of Storm in Mystic and I honestly believe that God, or some higher power, sent me a little piece of Storm. My dad told me that all the white on Mystic must be a little bit of Storm showing through. I wouldn’t disagree for a second. Mystic is my little ball of fire and not a day goes by that she doesn’t remind me of Storm. I am glad I get to relive a lot of those memories everyday. For the most part anyway, I mean I don’t exactly enjoy it when Mystic chews up stuff she isn’t suppose to, or doesn’t listen to me because she is being stubborn and on her own adventure, too busy to listen.

It’s been a few years since Storm hasn’t been in our lives, but his memories strongly live on in memory. Thanks to Mystic, not a day goes by I don’t think of him. Rest easy my big fluffy friend, I will meet you at the rainbow bridge one day! ❤

Ruca has a boo-boo


Ruca: Yesterday we made another trip to the dog park and had a lot of fun as always. No confrontations for me today. I mostly spent the time chasing the ball, and Mystic trying to catch me. In the process I some how tore my nail open and the quick is exposed. It doesn’t bother me, but mom was worried. It keeps breaking open and bleeding so mom wrapped my foot up in a bandage. It’s a good thing she didn’t go to school to be a vet like she once thought she was going to do, it took her a few tries to get the bandage “right”. As you can see, I am not thrilled I have to wear this thing on my foot. It was hard to get use to at first and I walked a little funny but now it’s alright. Hopefully I won’t have to wear it tomorrow. It does fine until I play with Mystic, then it breaks open and bleeds. Mom says she doesn’t want blood on her carpet, I don’t know what the big deal is. Hopefully it gets better so a vet trip isn’t needed, that is my least favorite place to be.

But I managed to find my favorite spot and get extra cuddles from mom. Maybe having a boo-boo isn’t sooo bad.


Tis the season for Santa Paws! 🎅🐾


Patiently waiting for Santa Paws to arrive.

Ruca: I don’t like the thought of this strange human entering or home when are sleeping. I suppose if he us bringing toys I may make an exception.

Mom says we are leaving for Christmas! I am excited to see grandma and grandpa and everyone else who spoils us. Oh, and all the food everyone feeds us of course. Oops, mom isn’t suppose to know about that, don’t tell her!

Mystic: I am fascinated by this tree, but it doesn’t smell like a tree, and there is all this weird stuff hanging from it. I am still trying to figure it out, I tend to sit and admire it often. In the process of trying to figure out, I took an ornament of the tree and chewed on it. Mom wasn’t thrilled. I guess ornaments aren’t toys, who would of thought?

We’ve been busy



Ruca: So our mom has been keeping us super busy! It has been awhile since she has posted, good thing she has me around to remind her! Lots has happened in the last few weeks, where to start….

Well as you can see, mom thought it would be cute to dress us up in these colorful bandannas for Easter. I, however, was not so thrilled about it. As you can tell by the look on my face. 

Mom’s humans came and visited for Easter, whatever that is, but apparently it is an important holiday. All of her family came from ND. She is also looking for a new home for our whole pack, so she has been busy. 

Anyway, we will update you on everything we have been up to in the last few weeks. 



Ruca: Obviously having so much company, (5 total humans) we were spoiled for the whole week. MMMMM Turkey, Great Grandpa decided to share his turkey leg with us. Mom rarely gives us tables scraps so I was loving it.  

At first all of the people were intimidating but I warmed up to them pretty fast, they turned out to be some pretty awesome humans. 

Mystic: FOOD FOOD FOOD! My favorite. I was constantly on a mission to get food from the humans. But all I had to do was flash them some puppy dog eyes and they couldn’t resist. Silly humans. Easter week was a good week for table scraps. 

I was sooo excited when the new humans walked through the door, I couldn’t contain myself. I jumped on them and gave them a ton of kisses. I know I can’t jump on mom but I thought it would be alright to jump on my new friends, but mom said otherwise. I still snuck in a few jumps here and there behind moms back. 


Mystic: I love great grandma. She is so sweet. She also has these really cool blue things that go on here feet, mom calls them slippers. I would sneak in her bedroom every night and steal them and play with them, they were so much fun. They started shutting the bedroom door every night but I still found my way in. I thought they brought me a special new toy, but they forgot to leave it for me when they went back to ND. Maybe next time. 



Ruca: It took me a little bit longer to warm up to great grandma. But Mystic is right, she is pretty awesome. I watched out for her on the couch to make sure she was safe. It was sad when they left, I waited by the patio door but they never returned.  I hope to see them soon. 



Mystic: Mom decided to get me this new thing I have to wear when we walk. She really likes it because she says I don’t take her for a walk anymore, but I thought that’s what I was suppose to do. As you can see, I am not too thrilled about having to wear the new “walking” device. 



Mystic: Mom and Dad have been taking us on lots of hikes when the weather is nice. As you can see by my big smile, I love it! Ok, the walking device things isn’t sooo bad once you wear it awhile, at least I still get to get out and smell new smells and search for squirrels and other fun things. 


Ruca: I also love love love going on hikes with my humans. Climbing around on the rocks is my favorite. I still have a hard time containing my excitement when we pass other humans and other dogs, but we are working on it. I also was not a huge fan of the “nose chain”, but mom says I walk better when I wear it. I am excited for summer so I can take my humans, and I suppose Mystic can come, on lots of fun adventures. 



Yesterday was Mothers day so I suppose we should give a shout out to our dog mom. The white stuff fell from the sky yesterday so we spent the day cuddling by the fire with here, where else would we rather be. 



Proof that we sometimes love each other.