Mystic, Starting of the New Year the Wrong Way.


Mystic: Last night I was laying on mom’s bed relaxing, taking up most of the bed as usual. Dad noticed a wet spot on the bed. They thought one of us wet the bed. Mom was suspicious because neither of us ever go potty inside. They blamed Ruca at first, oops! Mom was brave and smelled the sheets and it didn’t smell like urine but of course she washed all of the sheets anyway. I tried to tell her I didn’t go potty on the bed but she wasn’t sure.

Because it was so late, we ended up sleeping in the spare room because there were no blankets for our bed. It was strange sleeping somewhere else to start of with, I just wanted to sleep in our usual, bigger, bed. I was restless all night and couldn’t fall asleep. I kept having a hard time swallowing throughout the night, making strange noises, and was drooling excessively. (Drool=wet spot on mom’s bed. I never said it wasn’t me, but I didn’t go potty on the bed) Mom woke up because she noticed I was making funny noises and checked on me and eventually went back to sleep thinking it was nothing. I kept making weird noises all night and was restless so mom couldn’t sleep either. She woke up at 3:30 am and took me downstairs and tried to make me feel better, she gave me food and water, took me potty and fed me some honey. They honey was so good but it didn’t help. We tried to go back to sleep but neither of us could sleep, I’m sure mom would of fallen asleep if I would of, but I couldn’t and she was worried. So she stayed up with me the rest of the morning until she had to go to work. I felt slightly better before she left, so she made sure I was comfortable in my crate with my Kong.

Mom came home from work early to make sure I was doing alright. I am feeling a little better and have been resting. I can sleep without making funny noises and am drooling a little less. I have been eating and drinking, have my normal appetite and played with Ruca in the snow. I didn’t want to stop playing but mom said I should rest, what does she know. So we have just been resting most of the night. Mom was suppose to go out with a friend, but decided to stay home and make sure I was alright. She probably worries too much…

Mom is worried about me. I told her it is probably nothing. Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow. Mom says 2015 is suppose to have less vet appointments than last year, but no promises.


Mystic the Catahoula Mix


Hi, my name is Mystic. I am a Catahoula mix. My mom and dad adopted me from a rescue, they were told I was an Amercian Bulldog mix but have obvious signs of Catahoula in my coat and personality. But it doesn’t matter what I am, I am cute no matter what. My mom was looking at the local rescues and came across my picture. They were looking for another puppy and friend for Ruca and mom knew she had to have me. She told my dad and he was hesitant at first but eventually fell for my cuteness. They next day they went to the adoption event and I was still there, they walked straight over to the adoption counter and filled out paperwork to take me home. They took me home that day and we have been a family ever since. The day they took me home they knew I was going to be a ball of fire and have a HUGE personality. I jumped right on Ruca and wasn’t afraid to bite her neck and play rough. I always stand my ground and never give up, I like to think I am the alpha, but my mom tells me otherwise. I am not afraid of much, even big great danes at the dog park. The only thing that scares me is the vacuum and garbage bags. I enjoy guarding the house with my sister Ruca, going to the dog park, playing with my toys and running in the yard. Since mom and dad have rescues me I have had a few scares at the vet, the last week I decided it would be a good idea to eat something I shouldn’t have and had to spend the day at the vet. Mom and Dad said I scared them half to death, but I was only being a puppy and whatever I ate sure tasted good. As you can see I have a lot of fun. Follow me and my sister on our daily doggy adventures.