Trial and Error… Lots of Error.


Ruca: The weather has been nice here. Mom has been sick so she hasn’t updated as much, she has been working and coming home and going to sleep. But I don’t mind, everyday after she gets home from work that means I get extra cuddle time since she has been extra tired. She says she is starting to feel better though, which means Mystic and I get to start working on “heel” again. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to go on more walks, I just don’t understand the whole “heel” concept, it isn’t exactly fun, yet.

This is a picture from last weekend, the first time mom and dad walked Mystic and me together. It went well, or so I thought. Mom says we still have lots of work to do. We tried to walk together again the next day but mom walked to the end of the sidewalk and when we started barking at the neighbor lady she decided it would be easier to go back to walking us separate. I am just trying to warn the person not to get to close to my mom, but apparently I don’t need to do that all the time. Mom keeps saying we will get there, eventually.


Mystic: Like Ruca said, the weather has been beautiful. I have been enjoying sunbathing the in the backyard every chance I get. Unlike Ruca, I would stay outside all day. Mom says next week we go back to working on “heel”. We had an incident the last time we walked before mom got sick, she said it discouraged her greatly. We were walking by the neighbors fence, who’s dogs are always out and always barking when we walk by. Mom has been trying to use this to her advantage in training us with distractions, but it backfired, tremendously. Of course when we get close to the fence and the other dogs start barking, I of course start barking. I mean, what if they got through the fence, I need to let them know I’m the boss before they get out and come after us, right? Well anyway, I was protecting mom when she “corrected” me, I was so wound up I must of thought one of the dogs got me, so I did what was natural, I turned around and snapped my teeth. Unfortunately, I snapped my teeth on mom’s leg. I knew at that second I was in trouble, and that I was. Mom was so upset she was on the verge of tears, not because her leg hurt, but because she couldn’t believe what I did. So now we are back to square one. And to think how proud mom was because how good I was doing, I guess Ruca gets to be the star student for awhile.


We had a fabulous Easter relaxing with our humans and enjoy chicken table scraps from guests!! We hope everyone has a good weekend! We will keep you updated on our “progress”, if we can call it that yet.